did someone say local organic Salmon?

Do you know that we have organically raised salmon in our county? Some of the best salmon on the North American market is available here, all year round, for purchase. I didn’t know that. I was aware of the Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods fish farm in Advocate Harbour, but I didn’t know where or how to buy their fish. For the last blog of this years Eat Local Cumberland “meet your local producers” series, I took an appointment to meet Gloria and Paul Merlin at their home and fish hatchery in Westchester, and finally got my hands on some prized salmon.

Paul and Gloria are a hard working, visionary couple. Both in their seventies now, they have been in the fish business for nearly fifty years. Years of trials, experiments, and fine tuning, that have made them a number one provider of sustainably raised organic salmon. Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc is the only land-based certified organic aquaculture facility in the world.

Being raised on a farm Gloria always knew she wanted to have her own farm someday. What she didn’t know was that it would be a fish farm. Thanks to Paul’s lifelong love of fishing, a degree in biological science technology, and years working for the department of fisheries in Nova Scotia, the couple found, in raising fish, a niche in which to blossom, grow, and now provide work for over 20 employees.

As I toured the hatchery I marveled at the thousands of alevins (baby salmons) swimming around in large basins filled with the property filtered ground water. Every two hours the little ones are being fed a special organic blend, “made in France”, the only blend, Gloria tells me, that meet their standard. It’s more pricey but worth the expense.

When alevins have grown into smolts, which takes roughly a year, they are ready to be moved from fresh water to salt water. That is when they are moved from Greenville to Advocate where large basins filled with filtered Bay of Fundy water awaits them. In another two years they are ready for market.

In season you will find Gloria at the Tatamagouche Farmers Market on Saturdays. For now, the best way to get your hands on this salmon is to give Gloria a call, or send an email, and place an order. Salmon can be picked up at the hatchery in Greenville.

Buying straight from the producer is the best way to ensure freshness, it is also the cheapest way to get prime ingredients. I got my freezer well stocked.

You can reach Gloria at 902-548-2687 or 902-899-5420
or email at: meraqua@capedor.co

Visit Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods website HERE

ps. Tip from Gloria when it comes to cooking: place salmon, skin side down, in medium hot pan with a dash of olive oil or butter. Sizzle, cover on, for a few minutes (don’t over cook). Set pan aside until you can easily flip the salmon without breaking the skin. Cook a little longer (barely) on the other side. Serve immediately. Enjoy!

artwork: Archan S Knotz  https://www.facebook.com/archanknotzcreating/