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Peter, Peter, apple picker, had so many apples he made cider.

It has appeared to me, over the course of the year, interviewing local producers, that businesses often start from fulfilling a personal need. Be it growing a garden to feed your family, baking a certain type of bread that you just can’t find anywhere, keeping a few chickens to enjoy free range eggs. For Peter Milner, fermenting the excess of an overly abundant harvest of apples from a friendly neighbour, was how Faraway Cider began. “In the spring I bottled it, it was the best cider I ever had”.

The following fall the harvest not being so good, Peter started driving around, knocking on doors, seeing if he could have access to wild or abandoned trees. “That year the cider was even better, I was hooked”.

Peter Milner’s cider is a work of love, and patience. There is true appreciation for the resilience, generosity, and variety in nature.  The wonders of when months later a wild apple reveals it’s taste.

“Nova Scotia is define by the wild food growing here: seafood, wild apples, those pair very well.” “There’s a culture to a place that is captured in the food. Cider and wild apples are part of our culture.” “We have this community of apple trees that is unique to our place, that can help define the culture” and that is why Faraway Cider stands out. Each batch, each blend, from year to year, is a testament of a season, an homage to its fruits.

I learn from Peter that while wild apples may not be so palatable, their rich flavours make them perfect for cider. Once fermented the bracing flavours mellow, becoming nuanced and complex, creating a cider like no other. Remaining true to its harvest, Peter doesn’t use any sulphites or preservatives, preferring to let the natural wild yeast take the cider on its journey.

Faraway Cider isn’t available at the liquor store. In the summer you can meet Peter at the Pugwash Farmers Market on Saturdays. This time of year, covid restrictions permitting, you may find him at the Halifax Brewery Farmers Market . But if you want cider for the Holidays, contact Peter directly and place an order. Pick up or home delivery can be arranged. E-transfer or cash on delivery is preferred.

Do you have wild apples or untended apple trees on your property? You’d like to see those apples being used? Give Peter a call or visit his webpage for details.
Those little sour apples might be just what he’s looking for.

If you live in or are visiting Dartmouth drop by Dear Friend Bar where you can enjoy a glass of Peter’s golden nectar.

For updates and contact visit Faraway Cider’s website : HERE

Email Peter directly at :
or place an order by phone : 902-699-9083

Happy Holidays

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