Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods Inc

Fresh, Delicious, Sustainably Raised

We take great pride in growing world class seafood.

Our award winning Cape d’Or Salmon is recognized all over the world for its succulent taste, wonderful color, and incredible freshness. We raise our salmon from the egg, hatching them in our own hatchery and growing them to market in our land-based, closed containment facility. Cape d’Or Salmon is fed a custom organic diet that promotes better fish health, resulting in a superior tasting salmon that you can’t find anywhere.

Our delicious Cape d’Or Halibut is grown in one of the only closed containment, land-based facilities in Canada. Cape d’Or Halibut is raised in a state of the art Recirculation Aquaculture System to minimize environmental impact while maximizing fish quality. This results in an incredibly tasty, high quality fish that is unparalleled in today’s market.

365 Driftwood Lane
Diligent River B0M 1H0 NS CA
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