Faraway Cider

Traditional cider, handcrafted from wild & forgotten apple trees

Cider Vision

The Apples
We use wild and uncultivated apples collected from local trees in and around Cumberland County Nova Scotia. These apples are never sprayed, and are packed with amazing flavours and textures that give the cider a character that is lively and unique. Each wild apple tree is one of a kind leading to a “beyond-terroir” experience where not only the local soils and climate affect the cider, but also our local wild apple tree communities.

Tiny Batches
To showcase the depth of the variety found in these wild and forgotten apples, we make our cider in tiny batches. Each batch will have the apples from only a handful of trees so the differences in colours, textures and tastes that each tree provides can shine through in the final cider.

Minimal Interventions
As much as possible we let the cider chart its own course. We avoid adding sulphites to our ciders so that the wild yeasts and micro flora naturally present in the juice can help take the cider on its journey. Each bottle is still alive and kicking when you pop it open.

Naturally Carbonated
We do not force carbonate our ciders. The cider may develop an effervescence by the natural fermentation that occurs after the cider is bottled.

Worth It
This method of making cider is both challenging and labour intensive. However, the end result is really something special that can’t be replicated anywhere else. These apple trees are a fixture in the local landscape and they offer us a chance to create a truly local cider with flavours and styles unique to our area. It’s worth the effort to make it happen!

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