La Finquita Seeds

We specialize in herbs and salad greens grown in our passive solar greenhouse using biodynamic methods

La Finquita is a small scale seed producer specializing in medicinal and native plants. Their farm has over 100 acres of land of which the majority is forests and pasture and resembles the conditions of farms in the area. Part of the forest has a bog where cranberries grow wild. As well, blueberries grow naturally in part of the pasture. In the last 15 years, an orchard, grapevine and vegetable gardens have been established using biodynamic agriculture practices. The farm also has a passive solar greenhouse with the capacity to produce greens all winter long.

How do we benefit from using wild plants?  We get food, medicine, fibers for baskets and ropes, dyes, firewood, wildlife integration (berries and sanctuaries), pollination, ceremonial plants (sage, tobacco, sweet grass), integration with gardens and orchards attracting pollinators and beneficial insects.

We can use them in our gardens and orchards as companion plants and for improving the soil.  Wild plants can also be used to protect the land from erosion and heal the land after construction.

2665 North Wallace Road
Wallace B0K 1Y0 NS CA
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